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Below is a screenshot of how embedding video content might look in an online enrollment or communication system.

As an employee navigates through their online enrollment, relevant video content can appear in the page, a click away from providing an on-demand educational experience to assist in enrollment decision making.

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Screenshot of video embedded in an online enrollment page

Today's Leading Systems

Benefits enrollment and administration solutions have long focused on building transaction and rules-based systems to capture the data associated with employee benefits elections. Leading systems today combine solid “back-end” administrator interfaces with increasingly easy-to-use “front-end” user interfaces for employees.

While the robustness of the transaction and rules functions of these systems has become better and more intuitive to use, the communication functions are generally not as robust. This leaves most employers to seek other systems to communicate programs that educate employees about how their benefits programs work. Video embedded into your website, portal, or online benefits administration platform can improve the user experience and create more appeal for your product offering. Contact us today to learn more about licensing our Video Benefits Library.

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