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Save time with your employee benefits meetings

Employee benefits meetings can be very time consuming for insurance brokers, human resources professionals and employees. Whether on-site at a physical location or conducting meetings via web conferencing, a typical benefits meeting might last anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on the information being discussed, topics explained, enrollment instructions provided, and so on.

And that’s just for the time of the meetings themselves. There can also be considerable time spent in pre-meeting preparation and potential travel to multiple locations or conducting multiple web meetings.

A quality online video, used as a “virtual surrogate” can free-up time for benefits professionals during annual open enrollment and year-round with new hire benefits on-boarding. Example employer profiles that can benefit greatly include those with limited HR resources, multiple locations, a distributed workforce, shift employees, telecommuters, field staff, benefits decision makers at home, and more.

Video Benefits Meeting can help save time with your benefits meetings.

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