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Reduce scheduling issues with your benefits meetings

We all face it‚Ķoverscheduling and packed calendars. With everyone so busy, it’s just plain difficult to get people together at the same time.

Employee benefits meetings often have multiple participants involved (HR, benefits broker staff, vendor participants) and coordinating calendars to find a mutually open date can be a nightmare! And this scheduling crunch is only compounded when so many employers conduct annual open enrollment meetings during the same time of year, most notably in the fall for plan years beginning January 1st.

Today, online video is everywhere and its use as a communication medium is only growing. Millions of Americans are “connected” whether at work or at home, on a PC or MAC, or with Internet-connected mobile devices including smart phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad, Android).

This “always on” way of life opens up new communication channels and opportunities for employee benefits. Information and content can be delivered “on-demand” where and when it’s needed, to those that need and want it. In this way, using online video to communicate benefits can reduce the burden and challenge of scheduling meetings for specific dates and times.

Video Benefits Meeting can serve as a “virtual 24/7” resource to help reduce scheduling issues for you, your clients and employees.

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