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Improve benefits communication engagement

Improve benefits communication engagement

Who doesn’t watch video? It’s everywhere. It’s in our homes, on our computers, and on our phones. We’re surrounded by video.

With an online video communication for your employee benefits, your audience (employee, spouse at home) can be engaged with a medium they already know how to use. It’s already intuitive. There’s no learning curve.

Plus, consider this. In many (if not most) employee benefits meetings, a majority of the time may be spent discussing medical, dental and retirement programs. But what if just 30% of the employees at the meeting are enrolled in their spouse’s medical plan, for example, and have no intention of making a switch. Now they’re stuck in a room for an hour having to listen to content that is not relevant to them (lost productivity!)

With online video, viewers can engage the content that is relevant and/or important them. They have control. If they want to learn about the 401(k), they can choose to watch the video and access the additional resources available to them. Everybody wins!

Video Benefits Meeting can serve as a “virtual 24/7” resource to improve audience engagement in your benefits communication.

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