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HIPAA – Explaining PHI to employees

Thanks to the suggestion and collaboration with our partner, Ascension Insurance, we have just released a new video about HIPAA.

For organizations impacted by HIPAA privacy rules, this video can serve as as reminder to employees about their responsibilities when it comes to Protected Health Information. The video is now available to our clients in Video Benefits Meeting and Video Benefits Library.

HIPAA – explaining PHI to employees:


Benefits Advisors in our Production Partner Program can use this video for marketing and client/prospect communication.

How Production Partners can use this video:

  • Share this video with clients and prospects!
  • Create “video postcards” with a custom message to send to your contacts
  • Create personalized versions for producers and account managers with their contact information
  • Paste the link you create into an email and send to clients/prospects
  • Share this video in your social media feeds like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter

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