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EBN: Communication remains key for HDHP plans

Communication remains key for HDHP plans

Employee Benefit News posted an article that highlights the continued need for good communication when it comes to High Deductible Health Plans.

“It comes down to better education,” believes WorldatWork’s benefits practice leader, Lenny Sanicola. “There’s a lot of misunderstanding about how these plans work, so I think that we as employers need to do a better job communicating against misconceptions that these plans are for people who are mostly healthy and people with higher income. They can be appropriate for a variety of people.”

Well, Video Benefits Guy has employee benefits communication videos that can help!  Below is a sample of our HSA video in animation.

Benefits firms that participate in our Production Partner Program can use this video and many others to differentiate themselves with prospects while educating clients in this pivotal period of change. View the video below to learn more.

HSA employee communication video (Animation version)

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