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Employers want to improve benefits communication

Employers want to improve benefits communication

According to a recent survey by Benz Communications nearly half of all employers are not satisfied with their benefits communication.  A PDF of the survey document and results can be accessed via link at the end of this post.

From our point of view, the results of this survey combined with growing trends of online video and mobile content consumption position Video Benefits Meeting as a way to help benefits advisors and employers fill the communications gap, while staying within the limited budgets noted in the survey.

Further, Video Benefits Meeting can help advisors and employers to cost-effectively “reach the unreachable…” the audience of spouses at home, telecommuters, field staff, shift workers, etc. who can’t or don’t attend benefits meetings. From the survey, “More than half (53%) of respondents indicated that they do not communicate to spouses and families at all. These companies reported that they communicate benefits using employee-only channels, such as email and a company intranet.”

Continuing, “Innovative tools – from online video to targeted text messages — can enrich benefits communication efforts and give employees and families new ways to receive and engage with information. Yet few are using the variety of tools available.”

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From the survey:

“Making the case for a bigger budget and not sure where to invest first?  Start with a benefits website—and put it outside your company’s firewall. A benefits website provides employees with a single go-to resource for all their benefits information, dramatically simplifying and improving communications. Because the resource is accessible to all employees and family members, it will
reduce the need for lengthy print materials, in many cases, paying for itself in just a few years.”



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Access the Benz Communications survey here.