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Customize the messenger for your employee benefits meetings

An interesting development in video “content acceptance” today is that content doesn’t necessarily need to be “Hollywood studio quality” to be considered “good” or effective. We’ve all seen “amateur” video that looks just fine, and conveys the intended message very well.

Most smart phones today come equipped with high resolution video capabilities, and many of us are shooting video, uploading to YouTube or some other online site and sharing with friends and family. As the comfort level increases, more and more people may want to play a part in the production to deliver certain employee benefits communication.

For example, in some situations it might be important to an HR professional or a benefits advisor to “be the face” delivering a key message. With today’s smart phones and video cameras, a bit of rehearsal, decent lighting and sound,creating your own video segment to add to the production isn’t that difficult to do. It won’t be “Hollywood” quality, but it doesn’t need to be. At open enrollment, for instance, the viewer is most interested in knowing “what’s new, different, or changing, and what do I need to do?” They don’t need fancy motion graphics and stunning video editing. They need clear communication.

Video Benefits Meeting can serve as a “virtual 24/7” resource for your benefits meetings and communication.

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