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Clear, consistent benefits meeting communication

Clear, consistent benefits meeting communication

Employee benefits can be confusing. There are many different programs and, for many, the terminology can seem like a different language.

Additionally, we all know that people aren’t perfect. We have good days and bad days. We give good presentations and not-so-good presentations. Sometimes we make mistakes and are not on our “A” game. When speaking to a group during an employee benefits meeting, we may unintentionally omit information that might have been important to some in the audience.

An online video presentation never has a bad day. It’s never grumpy or tired. It’s available 24/7 and will communicate your employee benefits messages the same way to every viewer every time. If the viewer didn’t quite understand, he/she can rewind and watch again. At benefits annual open enrollment, especially if there are changes, this is very important. Utilizing online video, employers can have confidence knowing that every viewer received the same message. Ambiguity is eliminated.

Video Benefits Meeting can serve as a “virtual 24/7” resource to deliver clear, consistent communication for you, your clients and employees.

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