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Why is health care so expensive?

Employee benefits meetings are a great time to help employees understand some of the key drivers to health care costs. Use the video below as part of a Video Benefits Meeting to clearly and consistently communicate this important message. The video below (part of our Video Benefits Li
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Affordable Care Act upheld – video communication for brokers, employers, and employees

When PPACA was first passed in 2010, we created employee benefits communication videos that helped brokers, employers and employees understand some of the many aspects of the legislation. With the recent Supreme Court decision upholding the law, we have refreshed our three videos.  Fo
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“Go Green” with your employee benefits meetings

Today, we’re all more aware of the cost (fuel expense, environmental impact) of travel. Many organizations already have “Green” initiatives in different parts of their business and are on the lookout to implement more. This might not be on the top of your list, but i
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Customize the messenger for your employee benefits meetings

An interesting development in video “content acceptance” today is that content doesn’t necessarily need to be “Hollywood studio quality” to be considered “good” or effective. We’ve all seen “amateur” video that looks just fin
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Communicating employee benefits with Spanish speaking employees

For employers with a bi-lingual employee population (English and Spanish), it can be very difficult getting Spanish speaking benefits professionals to attend employee benefits meetings to explain the programs. With online video, an employer can address this challenge because messages
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