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Watch now: Explaining Form 1095 To Employees

Help any employer explain new IRS Form 1095 coming in January 2016. Beginning in January 2016, employers will have a new communication challenge coming as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). That’s when millions of employees will begin receiving a new tax form, Form 1095, fro
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Watch now: Benefits Advisors Win With Video

Do you face this common dilemma like most Benefits Advisors? Benefits solution providers participating in our Production Partner Program use video to address this common problem while saving time, reducing costs, and creating competitive advantage. Our extensive title list is used to
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Watch now: Self-funding explained

Self-funding is one strategy more and more employers are considering to better manage health costs. We recently updated our Self-funding video that benefits solution providers can use to help explain the fundamentals and advantages of Self-funding to clients and prospects quickly and
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In 2015 – Improving Open Enrollment AND Driving Sales

Looking for ways to improve Open Enrollment and drive sales in 2015? Leading benefits firms are using video solutions to help make their teams more efficient, engage clients and prospects, and stand out from the crowd. Now’s the time to position your team for success. Please con
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Benefits Advisors use video to engage prospects and advance sales – Watch Now

Click here to explore a sample “video postcard.” Video Benefits Guy helps benefits solution providers win with video! Quicky and easily create customized benefits communication portals and “video postcards” with Video Benefits Meeting. Our video solutions are u
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