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Reduce scheduling issues with your benefits meetings

We all face it…overscheduling and packed calendars. With everyone so busy, it’s just plain difficult to get people together at the same time. Employee benefits meetings often have multiple participants involved (HR, benefits broker staff, vendor participants) and coordinating ca
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Increase productivity of your benefits meetings

We can’t get back lost time, and lost time can mean lost productivity. As a benefits professional, you only have so much time to get everything done. Scheduling and traveling to conduct benefits meetings can put a big dent in your productivity, sapping time and taking away from
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Save time with your employee benefits meetings

Employee benefits meetings can be very time consuming for insurance brokers, human resources professionals and employees. Whether on-site at a physical location or conducting meetings via web conferencing, a typical benefits meeting might last anywhere from 45-90 minutes depending on
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Reduce costs of employee benefits meetings

Have you ever considered the cost to an organization of an on-site or web-based benefits meeting? First let’s break down cost into two categories – productivity cost and hard dollar cost. Let’s say that a company has 100 employees, and the average salary across the g
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