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Benefits Advisors – do you have a Social (media) problem?

Social media channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are playing an increasingly important role for all businesses including employee benefits advisors. And while most might already be “on LinkedIn,” finding or creating content to share can be a real challenge. Watch
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Why is health care so expensive?

Benefits Advisors know why health care is expensive, but what about employees and dependents of your clients? This video can help! – now available in Video Benefits Meeting and Video Benefits Library. Use this video to help explain some of the key key factors at play that contri
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401(k) Advantages Explained!

Looking for a quick, effective way to communicate key advantages to saving in an employer-sponsored 401(k) program? Use this video! – now available to our clients in Video Benefits Meeting and Video Benefits Library. 401(k) Advantages Explained with Video: Benefits Advisors in o
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Marketing never ends!

Marketing never ends! It’s a constant process for every business and increasingly for individuals as well. Marketing requires content creation and content sharing. A huge challenge for most individuals and companies is the content creation part. It’s time consuming. And th
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HIPAA – Explaining PHI to employees

Thanks to the suggestion and collaboration with our partner, Ascension Insurance, we have just released a new video about HIPAA. For organizations impacted by HIPAA privacy rules, this video can serve as as reminder to employees about their responsibilities when it comes to Protected
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