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Integrating benefits explanation videos with online enrollment

Does your agency use Employee Navigator or EaseCentral for online enrollment? Good news! With Video Benefits Library, agencies can add high quality benefits explanation videos to improve enrollment, communication, education, and engagement. Enhance annual open enrollment and new hire
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Watch now: Explaining Telemedicine Fundamentals

Explaining Telemedicine Fundamentals With Video. Telemedicine is a fast-growing trend in employee benefits. Benefits solution providers can use this video to help explain Telemedicine fundamentals quickly and easily! This video is one of an extensive title list used to help educate an
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Watch now: Explaining Form 1095 to Employees

It’s that time of year – explaining Form 1095 to employees. Benefits solution providers participating in our Production Partner Program can use this video to help explain basic fundamentals of Form 1095. The video can be found in the Health Care Reform category of Video Be
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Watch now: Embedded vs Aggregate Family Deductible explained

Explaining fundamentals of an Embedded vs Aggregate Family Deductible. Benefits terminology can be confusing to employees and dependents – such as “embedded” vs “aggregate” family deductibles. Now benefits solution providers can use this video to help exp
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Video Benefits Library integrates with EaseCentral – videos below explain

Combination of benefits explanation videos and online enrollment provides advantages for benefits advisors, employers, and employees. Enhance the benefits enrollment experience during annual open enrollment and year-round for new hires. Watch now – Video Benefits Library overvie
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