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As the employee benefits industry continues to experience historic changes, employee benefits solution providers are faced with challenges and opportunities.

Benefits solution providers are addressing the daunting task of not just keeping up with the changes but also communicating, educating and marketing to an audience that is increasingly hard to reach.

Defined contribution, public and private exchange models, wellness programs, and the growing trend of “consumerism,” just to name a few, affect all players in the health care space with the benefits advisor at the center of it all.

More is being asked of “consumers” to make decisions about their health plans so the need to provide education and decision support has never been greater.

Communication now occurs across multiple outlets including print, online, video, social, and mobile.

The rapid growth of online video and mobile platforms for content distribution and consumption and the explosion of social media platforms provide new and exciting opportunities for employee benefits advisors to communicate, educate, and engage target audiences.

But challenges remain – content creation, especially video content, is time consuming and requires specialized skills. Yet audiences increasingly expect video. At the same time, fresh content is needed to engage in meaningful content sharing and social media participation.

So what does the benefits solution provider do?

Video Benefits Guy, LLC has developed solutions that address video content creation and distribution challenges for our clients positively impacting operations, client service, competitiveness, engagement, and marketing efforts.

This is a pivotal and exciting time in the benefits industry. We appreciate your interest in our solutions!

David Cleary founded Video Benefits Guy, LLC in 2008 with a vision of transforming employee benefits communication through the explosive trends of online video and mobile platforms.

Cleary’s experience in the last twenty five years includes sales, sales management, marketing, communication, and more. He possesses extensive experience working within the field of employee benefits and software and has authored articles for leading industry publication Benefits Selling Magazine.

As always, thanks for watching! 
David Cleary