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Watch now: 5 Tips for Benefits Consumers Negotiating Healthcare Costs

When it comes to healthcare costs, a little negotiating can go a long way!

Benefits solution providers participating in our Production Partner Program can use this video to provide quick tips to benefits consumers to help get the most of their healthcare dollar.

This video is just one of an extensive title list used to help educate and engage benefits consumers across a wide range of topics.

This video can be found in the Consumerism category of Video Benefits Library and Video Benefits Meeting.

Video Benefits Guy helps benefits solution providers win with video! Deliver clear, consistent, concise benefits explanations to anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Our video solutions are used during annual open enrollment and year-round for new hires.

Videos can be easily linked to and embedded on enrollment platforms, benefits administration systems, private exchanges, blogs, websites, and portals.

Quicky and easily create customized benefits communication portals with Video Benefits Meeting.

Video Benefits Meeting and Video Benefits Library make explaining benefits easier!

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