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  • The feedback I got was that the employees “loved” Video Benefits Meeting! They really liked being able to manage their education on their own time. The employer was VERY pleased as it saved them quite a bit of time. It also saved us quite a bit of time and printing costs since we didn’t have to print the materials and go to every site to have a meeting. All in all it was a great experience and I am certainly having the conversation with others!
    Benefits firm, AZ
  • Working with Video Benefits Guy was great. The process went very smoothly and the end product was produced way before our paper brochures were done. Their willingness to go the extra mile for their clients is apparent and welcomed! We will be working with them again on future projects.
    Employer, Phoenix, AZ
  • Video Benefits Guy really helped us with our direction. We had some ideas and he made them a reality with the fastest turnaround I have ever seen. I would highly recommend him and we will be using his services in the future.
    Benefits firm, Oklahoma
  • We purchased videos that Video Benefits Guy created to help our clients/prospects visualize and understand the many changing aspects of Healthcare. The videos are short, informative and easy to understand. These videos are great to email, post on your website or social media sites. We have received great feedback from our clients. Thanks Video Benefits Guy!
    Benefits firm, New Hampshire
  • We hired Video Benefits Guy on behalf of one of our largest clients. The Web Open Enrollment was fantasic. The client received great feedback from the employees about how much better this enrollment was than in previous years. I would recommend giving their product a try.
    Benefits firm, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Video Benefits Guy created an online video presentation for our agency regarding Health Care Reform. We were very impressed with the quality of the video as well as the speed in which it was created. We sent the video out to hundreds of clients and only received positive feedback. I would recommend Video Benefits Guy’s online videos to anyone looking for clear, concise delivery of any message.
    Benefits firm, Austin, TX
  • Video Benefits Guy assisted our firm in putting together a video strategy for one of our larger clients. The process, from concept to deilverable, was handled professionally with no hidden hurdles. Our client loves the final product which gives us more credibility with the client. We look forward to expanding our relationship with Video Benefits Guy.
    Benefits firm, Fort Worth, TX
  • Our firm hired Video Benefits Guy to help implement a series of benefit videos and found them to be highly knowledgeable and accommodating to our needs. I would highly recommend Video Benefits Guy for any video benefit needs.
    Benefits firm, Albany, NY
  • I am thrilled with the final product and excited to share these videos with our client and their employees - Video Benefits Guy did an absolutely fantastic job.
    Benefits firm, Boston, MA
  • We needed video services that could be customized but also cost effective to fit within our budget. Video Benefits Guy was able to help us achieve these goals in a short time frame.
    Benefits firm, Boston, MA
  • As the world of employee benefits, particularly healthcare, has become ever more complex, we are constantly seeking to bring cutting edge, educational services to our clients and their employees. Video Benefits Guy provides us a cost effective means of doing that in a manner that human resources people find appealing. We are proud and excited for this new partnership.
    Benefits firm, New York, NY
  • We are excited to add yet another capability to our value-added solutions. Our commitment to our clients is to deliver best in class solutions, and this technology helps us do just that.
    Benefits firm, Madison, WI

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