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The ACA Video Survival Guide explains many of ACA's key provisions using engaging online video. The ACA video titles are available as part of our Video Benefits Meeting platform. Titles are updated as provisions are clarified and new titles will be developed. Explore the ACA Video Survival Guide today.

View a selection of ACA videos below:

ACA Video Title List

Health Care Reform: Employees A summary of what employees need to know now, updated July 2012 3:18
Health Care Reform: 2010-2011 Key provisions of PPACA for 2010 and 2011, updated July 2012 5:25
Health Care Reform: 2012 and Beyond Key provisions of PPACA for 2012 and beyond, updated July 2012 6:16
Health Care Reform – Women’s Preventive Services Summary of the eight new provisions that took effective Aug. 1, 2012 2:03
Employer Mandate Review of the Employer Mandate (Pay or Play) 3:46
Employer Responsibilities Part 1 Review of some key employer responsibilities and reporting 2:48
Employer Responsibilities Part 2 Additional employer responsibilities and reporting 4:06
Control Groups Review of Control Groups and how they affect employee count 1:11
Essential Health Benefits Review of Essential Health Benefits required to be covered under ACA 0:54
Health Exchange Basics Review of some key elements of Health Exchanges 2:07
Fees, Taxes, Penalties Part 1 This video explores some of the many new costs of ACA 3:36
Fees, Taxes, Penalties Part 2 A continuation from Part 1 exploring some of the many new costs of ACA 2:31
Grandfathered Plans A review of Grandfathered Plan status 1:44
Individual Mandate Part 1 This video explores the requirement that individuals obtain health coverage 1:38
Individual Mandate Part 2 A continuation from Part 1 requiring individuals to obtain health coverage 2:22
Medical Loss Ratio An overview of MLR and rebates 1:35
Preventive Care and Screenings (Animation) An overview of the benefits of preventive care and screening tests 1:33
SBC Overview (Animation) An overview of the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) document 1:26
Safe Harbor Introduction to "Safe Harbor" guidance for employers 1:32
Small Business Tax Credit Outline of tax credits for small businesses that provide coverage to employees 1:29
Wellness Programs Overview of ACA changes to health-contingent wellness programs 1:52
Benchmark Plans Overview of Benchmark Plans for state exchanges 1:17
Actuarial Value Review of Actuarial Value of plans and "Metal" levels of coverage 1:02